Sunday, August 29, 2010

Maquette project- entry 7

Hey friends! Interesting twist this week- since I had to go ahead and bake our little nino here. I had finalized the hair, his ears and the curve of his lips around his smile. I got all that stuff the way I liked it and started working on his sleeves and jacket.

The trouble was I came to that point I sometimes hit where you can't grab the sculpt or hold it so you can work on some other art of it without scrunching up something else! Well, I kept doing that-...! So I decided to detail everything up to a point and bake him. Then I wouldn't have to worry about messing up the hair and having to constantly fix it if I held it the wrong way. If you are careful, you can bake sculpey a number of times, putting new sculpey over or along with the baked stuff.... if you are careful!

As you can see the hair has less mass which made his head look smaller and fit his body alot better. I had to fudge the design of the hair in back because Erick's drawing only showed one side. I kept it simple and within the style of the drawing.

I sharpened up the sleeves and cuffs on his shirt and jacket, keeping in mind that the flow of the curves should look nice from every angle.

The hands and fingers have been folded over and shaped to hold the tiny sign. I purposefully left a rut into the clay to hold the sign so it would kinda slide into place. The groove didn't show with the sign in place.

So far - so good. The baking worked great and he didn't crack or split or anything. The plan now is to finalize everything else, like his other foot and possibly some more planes of hair in the back. His sneakers have laces on top of them... those should be interesting.


See you back here in 2 weeks. Thanks y'all!

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