Sunday, August 1, 2010

Maquette project- entry 5

Well hello there and Happy August! (ManIcan'tbelieveit'sAugustalreadythisyearisgoingfastformehowaboutyouguys?)

As y'all can see our little friend has some new editions! I roughed in some hands and finished the arms, keeping them about the right thicknesses, knowing I can trim stuff up later. I defined the eyes a bit better and started working in a nose, along with getting the shape and size of his teeth and smile a bit more on model.

I knew the hair would give me some trouble since I've haven't sculpted alot of stuff with hair so far. I'm simply gonna keep roughing in the shapes and planes and tightening them up until they match Erick's drawing from that angle. I'll have to figure out how the various spikes of hair will fit on his head as I go along, again always matching the drawing.

The legs are also roughed in. I won't worry about the feet until I've finalized most of the structures above them. Then I can cut away all that excess sculpey I'm using as a base at this point.


See ya in a couple weeks friends!

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