Saturday, September 11, 2010

Maquette Project- entry 8

Hey y'all! Worked on the little guy's bottom half this time around. It helped baking him first because now AI can handle him without messing something else up.

Finishing off his legs was easy. I removed the sculpey around his feet that braced him up while I was sculpting him and started on his legs first. I had to dremmel some of the hardened sculpey off because his legs were too thick initially (see video).

In the above pic you can see where i put new soft sculpey over the old baked sculpey.

I also sharpened up his hands and clothes. I sculpted his sneakers and laces next.

I had showed Erick the sculpt and he had mentioned that he wanted the tummy to be a bit smaller, so I fixed that.
At this point the next step is to final bake him and then patch up some divots and shallow spots that always show up when I start sanding him. I use plumber's putty to do patch-up work. More on that later.
Meanwhile... TWO videos this time around...



See you next time!

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  1. Your work is so inspiring. I love to sculpt as well and seeing your process just really gets me raring to go. :)