Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maquette project- entry 6

Hey y'all! This week you'll see that the little guy's features are more defined and more on model. I decided to start over with the hair because it had too much mass and made the head look too big.

I also reshaped the eyes a bit. I didn't feel they matched Erick's drawing good enough and simply reshaped them a bit after I re-sized the planes of hair on his head.

He also has hands now. Since the armature is connected to the doll I baked, I can swing the arms in and out of position to sculpt the hands better. I cut a little piece of paperboard to act as a stand in for the sign to check scale and position and stuff.

His clothes are slowly coming together also. I'm sort of working my way down the thing with the details, since I have to pick it up alot and if I detail something and then grab it to detail something else- it gets smooshed.

I didn't put any wires in his fingers because I didn't think they were needed. He only has to hold a small sign and I didn't think his hands and fingers needed any extra support. If they were long and lean instead of short and stubby, I would've put some wire in the fingers.

His stance and anatomy make him want to fall forward so I placed a brace of sculpey under his tummy so I can work on him without holding the sculpt to detail it. One of the feet are roughed in, while the other is simply a mass of sculpey keeping him upright.

I started wrapping the sculpt in plastic wrap after a sculpting session. I found that it keeps the sculpey cleaner and helps so it doesn't dry out as fast if I don't get to work on it as often as I'd like.


See you in a couple weeks. Summer's almost over already. Make sure to have some fun!

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  1. Very Nice! You always get the sculpture on model. Keep up the great work!