Saturday, February 19, 2011

MaquetteProject- entry 12

Almost finished! I hope you aren't bored with this project- because I am. The only thing left now is just refining the details and sharpening up lines and stuff. I use dental instruments to tighten up details like around eyes and in between folds in clothes or skin... areas where I just can't reach with sandpaper. Sometimes I'll cut an orange stick in half the long way and make my own sanding sticks to smooth tight areas.

I mark high spots that I want to sand down with a Sharpie or lead pencil. I mark right on the sculpt- it doesn't matter since I'm gonna sand it down until the mark doesn't show anymore. I usually circle shallow spots and then fill them up with putty- then sand those spots smooth too.

The base the characters are on is pretty simple- sand dirt and rocks with a small cactus. But I still need to do it in Erick's style. I followed the drawing again while tweaking a few things so they would work better in 3 dimensions.

I pressed the characters' feet into the sculpey a little so they'll set nice on the base after it's baked. Later I'll put some posts into the base for the 2 maquettes to rest on so they don't fly off when you move the piece.

I placed this base on foil so when I bake it inside my Pyrex pan, it'll be easy to get out and won't stick to the glass. The foil will peel right off and the slab will be nice and flat!

Test run.

Ta-da! All primed in primer gray and ready for some color.





Until next time...!

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