Sunday, December 5, 2010

MaquetteProject- entry 11

Hey everyone! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving like I did! Sorry I haven't updated earlier but I got carried away with other projects and work and family stuff and you know...

I baked the upper portion of the tall guy and after showing Erick about some edits, I started finalizing the bottom half of his body and his tiny legs.

The legs should be able to hold his weight with the help of the armature wires in them, after they are baked that is...

Also finished his vest, along with his pants and belt.

I did some finishing touches on his face and hair since I had another baking session. His freckles I plan on etching into the baked sculpting with a needle tool. They are so subtle and I just feel like if I tried sculpting them into the soft material I would just end up thinking they were too heavy anyway and filling them in and trying again...!

...almost done!




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