Thursday, October 16, 2008

Captain Hook

Captain Hook was the first character maquette I tried to do. He was a Christmas gift for a fellow Captain Hook fan. I used a bunch of drawings and sketches and pictures of actual animation art from the Howard Lowery Gallery auction catalogs. I drew the rough pose I wanted to sculpt and hung all the other pics and copies around the room for reference.

Hook has a very crude armature in his hook arm. I didn't do an actual armature in the torso or anything. I was still learning and finding out what I the sculpey material (and myself) could do. I sculpted Hook without the hat and thought I'd figure out the hat and feather later. The teeth were a challenge to get looking convincing but not monstrous. The moustache I built with some bailing wire I sharpened and shaped, then cemented into the sculpt after he was sanded.

The drapery on his chest and the jacket itself took me awhile to figure out. Cloth behaves a certain way and if it looks wrong you notice it. I rolled and piece out flat and draped it the way I wanted and then carefully cut off the excess... and then tried to leave it alone 'til I baked it!

The hook was simply a mug hook that I sculpted a new tip onto. After it was baked I started sanding it to its curvy flare at the end. The other hand was hard for me. I did it over a number of times to get it to look convincing.

The hat I did the hard way... I baked I piece of sculpey shaped like a thick potato chip and sanded it down to the right thickness. It took awhile. I'd do it totally different now, but that's how I shaped it back then. The feather was sculpted on its own and smoothed as good as I could get it.

The hat was screwed into place and then smoothed over with epoxy putty. I cemented his moustache in place with putty as well. When it dried you can sand it down as smooth as you have the sculpt itself. After Hook was painted with the flat grey you couldn't tell where the patched parts are.


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