Sunday, October 5, 2008


Spaz was a birthday gift to my good friend PeeWee (Paul Wee). After seeing some of my sculpts and models, Paul had given me a sculpting turntable for my birthday. I've used it ever since on every new sculpture I've done. I wanted to get Paul a cool gift in return.

I was up late one night and couldn't sleep so I started doodling. Out came this spaztik duck! I thought it looked really funny, so I cleaned it up. I had some extra sculpey laying around and decided to sculpt him.

Spaz took me only one night to sculpt. I think I baked him that night too and then finished and sanded him the next day.

I was going to paint and prime him before I gave him to Paul, but then I thought- ya' know, Paul's an artist himself and he'll probably have fun painting it up himself, so I left him like this.

Paul was surprised and thought Spaz was great. He also started using the term "Kramer-eyes" to describe my style of character eyes. Paul is one of the greatest and inspiring artists I've ever met. It's great seeing other artists faces light up when you show them your work.

I wonder if he ever painted him...?

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