Monday, July 5, 2010

Maquette Project- entry 3

Hey Friends! I'm really sorry I'm late with this entry. No excuses... just lost track of the weeks. But I just got a new printer that has a button to print calendars so hopefully yours truly won't get lost in time again...!

I started putting the masses and planes onto the armature dolls, using the sketch I made from Erick's drawing. I'm not too worried about putting in details and facial features just yet. I'm simply trying to get the overall silhouette of the characters' shapes generally laid in over the armature.

The short guy was pretty easy. He's just a doughboy shape. What matters most at this point is his mass. I don't want him too fat but right on the money because if I put details on him and find he's too big- I gotta scrape all my details off to get him the right size.

The taller character presented a common problem... big body with tiny legs! After my Batman sculpt, which really pushed this problem to the extreme, this guy was pretty simple to figure out.

A common "trick"(I guess?) is to use aluminum foil to fill out some mass instead of using the sculpting material itself. This way, the sculpture will be much lighter and the legs can support the weight better.

I could've put brass rods in his legs like I did with The Batman (*which I'll post on this blog after this project- if you want a sneak peek- look in the VIDEO BAR on the right!*) but this little guy wasn't that heavy. I made sure I didn't use too much foil either or again, when I put the sculpey over it, the character could be too fat.

The tubes for the arms and legs were next. I'm not gonna worry about hands right now, because if you remember from the drawing, they are holding signs. So the arms will have to be repositioned for that later anyways. Always plan ahead!

I roughed in the taller guys head mass. He is going to be really top heavy! So because I'm aware of that, while I'm sculpting him, I'll constantly be checking his center of balance. Even though I'm planning to mount him onto the display stand, I still want to design the sculpt so that he can stand on his own, by himself. Hopefully it will result in a stronger design and less broken legs!

The Dover boys... no- The 2 doughboys (that's it) in their rough forms so far. Next I'll start workin' on just the sort guy for a spell and just concentrate on one character at a time.


Thanks for checkin' in everyone. See you in two weeks.

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