Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vivian (in color)

Vivian is all painted! She looks great, doesn't she? Tim gave me a color mock-up for me to use to match colors. Her paint scheme seems simple but the shades have light grey in them, making the colors very pastel and "powdery" looking. I think the colors make her look alot more feminine and soft.

At first , I didn't think the color scheme would look that good on the sculpture, but after I mixed the paints and matched the colors from the model, I started to like them! Nice job, Tim.

Her eyes really stand out now that she is painted. She looks focused and alert! I put a gloss finish on her eyes, mouth, and teeth.

Yes, she has panties. Be sure to check the little video turnaround of her in the Video Bar!

Vivian was a fun project. I'm glad she turned out well and Tim was really happy with her.

Good times! JUDO-CHOP!!

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