Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Knick-Knack Stuff

Nancy's Mardi Gras Gator

My friend and fellow Simpsons Director Nancy Kruse is a big fan of Mardi Gras and loves alligators, so for her birthday one year I surprised here with this little marching alligator.

He's made with colored sculpey and glow-in-the-dark sculpey. The confetti, his eyes, and the tassels on his hat and scepter all glow in the dark!

The confetti was harder to pull off than you think! His scepter is a colored toothpick baked into his hand.

As I've said before, the pre-colored stuff is somewhat hard to detail, but it's really great for cranking out little stuff like this. You can just make it and bake it and it's done.

Maggie's horse

I always miss my friend Maggie's birthday because one of us is always laid-off when it comes around. I made her this horse and just gave it to her one day at work. She got a kick out of it.

I made her a horse because her and her daughter own a real one! Maggie always has some great stories.

This horse was difficult to put together because the light tan sculpey was very brittle and waxy. It didn't stick to the other colors like it should have. Maybe it was old. Anyways if you look close you can tell where I had to glue the muzzle back on after it fell off in the oven while it was baking.

He turned out okay though. I like the expression that I got out of this one. It looks like he's laughing really loud!

I paid a little more attention to the hair (and the hay he's sitting on) 'cause I wanted it to kinda look like hair and not just a mass of clay representing it, even though this is just a little sculpt.

"Golly! He's the tiniest horse I've seen...!"

I should get a horse!

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