Sunday, January 11, 2009


The "Froggitt" sculpture came about through the formation of an after-work sculpture technique swap/class my friend Dusty Abel set up. Everyone interested just showed up in the Simpsons conference room after work on Wednesday nights for awhile and brought their own stuff and we all sculpted whatever we wanted. Some people brought in things they were already working on while others started projects right from the concept. It was fun sharing ideas and techniques and tips with other artists and finding out which tools they liked for working with what and stuff like that.

I wanted to do something that looked like you caught a funny moment of action or something, so I did this sketch of a frog catching a fly that I kind of liked and did that.

I first worked on the frog's body in class with everyone. For a while, you couldn't tell what it was! I had planned to really enlarge the feet, and because of their thinness, I was going to leave them off the body and mount them directly onto the base. The body would be glued on later.

The lily pad is just a sheet of plywood I cut and sanded into the right shape. To get the veins of the pad, I just carved into the wood using my Dremel tool.

I actually baked the tongue first. The tongue is a simple brass rod with sculpey baked around it. I wanted the tongue to be removable so I could put the whole sculpture in a smaller size box! It was pretty easy. The brass rod I chose was square in shape so it was easy to key into the sculpey of the frog's mouth before it was baked. The fly was glued onto the tongue with epoxy. The spit-splats are drops of dried epoxy as well as the water drops on the lily pad. Alas, the epoxy I used has aged and become a bit yellow.

I'm glad I did make the tongue easy to take off because I'm always fixin' the spit that I break off!

Froggit was a fun sculpture to put together. I had originally planned to put him up on Ebay to how much I could sell him for but my friends wouldn't let me! I'm glad I still have him.


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